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Three Times When You Need To Have Your Home's Air Ducts Cleaned Out Fast

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Air duct cleaning is not a regular maintenance task for most people. And there's no schedule on which you're supposed to clean them; it's often a case of noticing more dust in the areas in front of vents that gets people thinking about cleaning the ducts. However, there are three times when you really do need to clean out air ducts as soon as you can.

Construction Dust

Whether your home is a new build or you were only remodeling one room, you now have construction dust in your home. That dust can be irritating, and if it lodges in the ducts, it could be blown out into rooms whenever you turn on the air conditioning or heating. That makes the rooms messy, more of the dust is kicked up when you try to clean it up, and then some of it lodges right back in the ducts. It becomes a frustrating cycle. Cleaning out the air ducts after construction stops that cycle.

Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire smoke is not just a mist that blows through. It's a collection of airborne particles that can be big, like flakes of ash, or tiny, to the point where you can't see them, but you can smell them. Those particles can invade your home when smoke blows into your area, and they can get into the ducts. Not only does that get messy when air from the air conditioning or heating blows through the ducts, but it can make your home smell stale. Removing any dust or particles that have settled in the ducts after a wildfire is essential.

The Unknown

If you just bought a place to live that was not newly built, you still need to clean out the air ducts because you have no idea what's in there. Get the job done before you move in, if possible. You don't know if the previous owners ever cleaned out the ducts, if they smoked (just like with wildfire particles, cigarette smoke particles can settle on dust in the ducts, leading to faint odors), or if anything else happened that could affect the interior of the ducts. You're better off starting fresh with clean ducts.

Call an air duct or HVAC service company today to discuss duct cleaning costs and timelines. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you'll keep putting off duct cleaning. That just leads to more odors and more dust, making your house unpleasant. Cleaning the ducts now ensures that whatever was in there will no longer be a worry. 

For more information about air duct cleaning, contact a local company.