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What To Consider When Buying A Bathroom Faucet

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Are you tired of your existing bathroom faucet and want to purchase a new one? You'll need to consider the following things to ensure that you purchase the right one that you'll be happy with. 

Mounting Types

You'll need to make sure that you select the right mounting type that works with your existing bathroom sink. A centerset faucet is a single piece with a separate hole for the two handles and the main faucet. A centerset faucet must be used on a sink that has three holes at a set distance apart from each other. Any centerset faucet is going to use the same standard holes that fit all centerset faucets. 

There are also widespread faucets, which also use three holes that are set at further apart distances. These faucets have individual handles for the hot water, cold water, and faucet, but they are not set at the standard distance to accommodate a centerset faucet. There is also a single-hole faucet, where the water controls and faucet are all built into a single component that goes through one hole. 

Valve Types

With so many types of valves to pick from, you may be wondering what kind will be best for your sink. Any valves that are made out of brass are considered to be high-quality valves. They are going to be able to resist corrosion, which makes them the perfect choice for a bathroom sink. You'll also notice that different faucets come with different types of valves; there are options for compression, ball, ceramic disc, and cartridge valves. Cartridge valves tend to be easier to replace if they break in the future, while ball valves are harder to replace on your own. 

Handle Types

Consider the type of handle that controls the faucet, since you'll be using it on a daily basis. Widespread faucets allow for many options, with cross handles being a popular style. They're elegant and easy to grip and are very similar to knob-style handles in how they function. Lever handles are also easy to operate for widespread faucets.

Single-hole faucets are a bit different, since they may have a lever-style handle. While they look elegant, they are harder to consistently set to the right amount of hot and cold water. You can also get a push-button faucet to prevent the water from constantly running, or even a motion-activated handle that opens and closes the valve when it senses a hand under the faucet. 

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