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Gutter Guards Make Keeping Your Property Tidy An Easier Job

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If you're getting ready to clean your property and spruce up your home, you might take the opportunity to look into gutter guards. These fit in your gutter troughs to help keep them clean. They make cleaning your gutters a quicker and easier job. Here's a closer look at using gutter guards on your home.

Check The Warranty On Your Roof First

You may want to check your roof's warranty, especially if your roof is fairly new, to see if putting on gutter guards will void your warranty. You might be limited to certain types of guards, and if so, you'll learn what type you need to buy. Some guards fit under the first row of shingles and could potentially damage your roof. Others snap in the gutter troughs and don't need to bother your roof.

Look For Guards That Match Your Gutters

If you want the guards to blend in and be nearly invisible, then try to find guards that look like your gutters. You can buy both plastic and metal mesh gutter guards, but you might prefer metal. You can buy plain wire mesh or mesh that's black or white. Buying guards that fit inside the trough and that match the color of your gutters makes the guards nearly invisible from the street so they don't affect the appearance of your home.

Think About What Clutters Your Gutters

If leaves are the main thing that get in your gutters, then you may want curved guards that help the leaves fall off. Otherwise, the leaves might stack up on flat guards—especially if they're wet. If your concern is pine needles, seeds, or even shingle granules shedding from an old roof, you'll want to choose gutter guards that have small enough mesh to block tiny things.

Consider Ease Of Cleaning

Even though guards make cleaning your gutters easier, you'll still need to clean your gutters and guards occasionally. Some guards are easy to remove and hose off while others are difficult or a bother to remove from the gutters. That could keep you from cleaning them as often as they need it and eventually the guards might get clogged and be ineffective. You can ask the gutter guard company for help choosing the right guards for your gutters.

Have The Guards Professionally Installed

Unless you buy guards that are simple to put in the troughs and you don't mind climbing on a ladder, you may want a professional to install your gutter guards. This ensures they'll be installed properly so you don't have to worry about rain spilling over the gutters, and it also ensures you don't alter the slope of the troughs by leaning against them. As a final check, you or the installer may want to run water through the gutters just to make sure everything is working as it should.