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Should You Invest In Seamless Gutters? Some Potential Benefits To Consider

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If your home currently lacks a gutter system or the one you have is aging and in need of repairs or replacement, you have likely been doing some research to learn about the various types and styles of gutters now available. If your research has led you to consider seamless gutters and you are wondering whether you should consider this type of home improvement investment, here are some important benefits that seamless gutters can offer your home and family. 

Initial cost versus potential savings 

Because seamless gutters are a bit more expensive, many homeowners worry about the initial cost of installing them. While purchasing and installing seamless gutters on your home can seem costly, their potential for helping homeowners reduce home maintenance and repair costs after installation can be substantial. Some examples of these future savings on home maintenance and repair costs include: 

  • seamless gutters help to prevent ice dams from forming and causing damage that will require roof repair or replacement
  • seamless gutters help to protect siding and exterior surfaces of the home from excessive wear by resisting clogs that result in overflowing gutters
  • seamless gutters reduce or eliminate the need for ongoing gutter maintenance, cleaning, and repairs to leaking seams

Homeowners can also see future benefits from investing in seamless guttering when selling the home. Seamless gutters are able to maintain their appearance through years of use and can even add to the home's value. 

Protection for foundations and crawl spaces

Basements and crawl spaces that suffer from water infiltration issues are often the result of a leaking or clogged gutter system that can no longer effectively channel rainwater and melting snow away from the exterior of the home. Instead of flowing through the gutter and out to the storm drain via the downspout, leaking or clogged gutters force water to rush down from the roof where it quickly settles against the foundation and begins to damage or seep through the surface. 

With no seams to come apart or become clogged with leaves and debris, excess water is efficiently carried away from the home so that the foundation walls and crawl spaces are not threatened. Additionally, seamless gutters can also help to reduce damaging erosion around the home so that homeowners are not constantly dealing with pooling water and damage to landscaping. 

Homeowners who have additional questions about seamless guttering or those who may be interested in seeing some samples of the various materials and styles available can get the information they need by contacting a seamless gutter installation supplier or contractor in their area. 

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