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Three Ways To Display Aquariums In Your Home

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Aquariums filled with colorful fish are like living art displays. They bring life and beauty into any home, and they offer a chance at having pets that will never mess up the house. Aquariums come in many sizes and shapes, and they can be displayed in any room. Most fish require relatively large rectangular tanks, and the size of your tank should account for the number of fish you want to have. Before you purchase an aquarium, you have a lot of decisions to make, including the way you display it. This article covers three of the most common options for aquarium displays.

Tabletop Aquariums

Some of the most common aquariums are tabletop models. These aquariums are relatively simple glass or plexiglass tanks that are designed to sit on a hard, flat surface like a table or countertop. They are inexpensive and simple to set up and use. Since they work with furniture homeowners already have, tabletop aquariums reduce the cost associated with purchasing fish for the first time. They do have one significant drawback, though: they aren't secured to the surface they rest on. For this reason, placing them on a tall table or countertop against the wall is a good idea in households with young children or large pets.

Aquarium Stands

Some aquariums come built into their own custom stands. These aquarium stands often look like bespoke furniture pieces, but they can be relatively simple in design, like kitchen cabinets. People choose aquarium stands because they keep aquariums at eye level and protect them from children and pets. They also provide the perfect place to store all of the extra supplies you need to support your aquarium in the form of a cabinet built into the bottom of the stand. Since they come with the aquarium pre-installed, they often come with many of the extra supplies fish need, including pumps and heaters. 

Aquarium Coffee Tables

If you want to turn your aquarium into a show-stopping display piece, an aquarium coffee table might be just what you are looking for. These unique furniture pieces still function as coffee tables, but the bulk of the space they take up is a plexiglass aquarium filled with water and living fish. If you want your fish to be at the center of your life and home, you may want to choose one of these aquariums, but if you have children or pets, use caution. Having an aquarium so close to the floor might put the fish at risk if the aquarium is damaged as children or pets roughhouse. Contact a company like Neptune's Tropical Fish for assistance.