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How To Create A Dreamy Butler's Pantry

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If there is one trend in interior design right now (specifically kitchen design) it is butler's pantries. Butler's pantries are large pantries that were previously used for the help so that when people were hosting big parties or dinners, nobody would see the help cooking and getting everything prepared. While you may not have a team of people helping you cook meals around your house, that doesn't mean that you can't have one of these fabulous pantries. In fact, the biggest reason why homebuilders like them is the fact that they give them some more space to organize things. Before you have your contactor start building just any large sized pantry, there are a few tips for you to consider to help make your butler's pantry extra chic. 


The whole point of having a butler's pantry these days is to have extra storage in your kitchen without it looking cluttered and disorganized. When you are having your butler's pantry put together, make sure that you work with a custom cabinet builder to help create functional cabinetry for things such as: your kid's snacks, food storage, extra dishware, cleaning supplies, and paper goods. This way you know what everything does and will continue to have enough space. Talk to your cabinet maker about adding things like extra drawers because they make it easier for your children to get things without having to use any sort of stepstool. 

Stone Countertops

Stone countertops aren't just great to have in your kitchen and bathrooms, but they are perfect to add to your butler's pantry as well; especially stone like limestone. Limestone is a beautiful stone that comes in a variety of different colors like granite does, including really light stone and a darker color. The unique thing about limestone is that depending on the type that you get, it can get either really porous (which you don't want) or really non-porous (which you do want). When you have a non porous material that you can use as countertops, it makes it so you can cut food and cook on the surface without having to worry about it staining. 


Another thing that a lot of people put into their butler's pantries are appliances like an extra fridge for storage, a microwave so it's out of the way, or even an extra dishwasher to do dishes in after ra big party. Make sure that your butler's pantry is well equipped to have these things. 

To learn more about limestone, reach out to a contractor near you.