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6 Reasons Why You Have Rodents in Your Home

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Wondering why your home has a rodent problem? Deter mice from moving in by changing conditions around the home that could be inviting an infestation. Here are six reasons why rodents are attracted to your home and how to address it.

1. To Find Shelter

During foul weather or the rainy season, mice may come into the home seeking shelter and looking for a place to nest. If you want to curb rodent activity, get rid of any nesting material; mice typically like apparel, old furniture, insulation, and plush toys for gnawing and building a nest.

2. You Let Them In

Are you accidentally letting rodents come into the home? Check around the house for a form of entry, such as cracks, gaps, and crevices that lead outdoors. Mice can easily access some homes via plumbing and dryer vents, so caulk or fill these areas to prevent access.

3. You Leave Out Food

Food on a counter or stovetop is very welcoming to rodents, but even when you clean the kitchen, you could be feeding mice. Do you leave out pet food for dogs or cats? Mice are drawn to this; dog kibble is actually an excellent bait option for those that choose to use mousetraps.

4. Your Home Is Dirty

If your home is cluttered or dirty, you could be inviting rodents inside. Homes with poor sanitation, plumbing issues, or septic problems could also be alluring to mice. In these situations, have a professional pest control company evaluate your property to prevent a costly infestation.

5. Your Yard Is Welcoming

Your yard and garden may be the reason that you have mice and getting a cat can help with rodent problems. Make sure that the yard is clear of debris like old wood or building materials and get rid of any standing water, which attracts mice. Trim back shrubs and vegetation as this is also a prime place that rodents choose to build nests.

6. They Are Hiding Out

Mice that are trying to elude predators will try to come inside to hide and they can be clever about finding a way into the home. In these instances, call a pest control professional for advice and guidance to resolve a potential rodent problem.

Got a rodent problem? These six reasons could be why you have mice in the home. Call mice control services ‚Äčat the first sign of a rodent issue to prevent a full-blown infestation.