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What Happens During A Window Replacement?

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Over time, your windows may begin to show signs of wear and tear. You can keep your house insulated from the elements by having them replaced in a timely manner. Vinyl replacement windows are a particularly excellent choice, since vinyl is easy to clean and does not need to be painted, unlike wooden windows. A replacement window installation service can perform the replacement for you. Here are four things that will happen during the installation process:

1. Measurements can be taken during a consultation.

You can measure your windows yourself if you feel confident in your ability to take accurate measurements. However, you may want to leave this portion of the process to professionals. A window installation professional can come measure your current windows, including the depth of the pocket opening and tread. Based on the measurements, your installation professional can order vinyl windows in the correct size. You'll have the opportunity to select the style and color you want at this time.

2. Your current windows will be removed.

Your installation professional will carefully remove your current windows, including any window screens that are in place. You can help speed up the process by removing any window treatments you have installed. Remove curtains, shutters, or blinds, and set them aside until the installation process is complete.

3. The area will be prepared for your new window.

Before installing your new vinyl windows, your window replacement expert will need to do a little preparation. They will thoroughly clean the area where your new window is to be installed; removing dust and debris will help your installation professional achieve a good seal. Once the area has been cleaned and sanded, flashing tape will be applied to your windowsill to further improve fit and insulation.

4. Your vinyl window replacement will be installed.

Finally, your vinyl replacement window will be put in place. Your installation professional will first set the window in place without any adhesive, in order to make sure it fits properly. If everything goes according to plan, they will remove the window and apply silicone caulk to its edges. The window will be put back in place, and the caulking will be allowed to dry to form a tight seal.

Allow a window installation service to replace your current windows with vinyl windows. The installation process is fast and easy, and you'll be left with beautiful vinyl windows that will serve you well for many years.