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Keeping Your White Vinyl Blinds From Appearing Grungy

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If you recently purchased a set of white vinyl blinds to adorn windows in your home, it is likely you are enjoying the security they provide as well as the brightened appearance they give to rooms where they are present. Since white can become dirty rather easily, it is necessary to take a few steps in cleaning your blinds so they retain their original look. Here are some tips you can use to help in keeping your white blinds looking like new for as long as possible.

Take The Time To Dust Slats Frequently

Dust will accumulate on the slats of your blind regardless of how well you clean the interior of your home. Some of this makes its way through window framing as well as from people utilizing the inside of the home. It is important to dust your blinds on a regular basis to keep accumulation from occurring. Instead of using a feather duster, which can actually push dirt further into the crevices of your blinds, Use a pair of salad tongs with soft socks slipped over each grabbing portion. A light spritz of water on each sock will help keep dust on the material. Enclose a slat between the tongs and slide from one end to the other to remove dust.

Use A Vacuum Clean To Remove Dirt

Harder-to-remove dust and dirt build-up requires the use of a vacuum cleaner to get it completely off of your blinds. When you use this method for dirt removal, it is important to use a brush attachment to help keep your vinyl from becoming scraped or scratched during the cleaning process. Make sure to hold the brush portion slightly away from each slat as you remove dirt from its surface. A crevice tool can be used to remove dirt that has become embedded in the areas where your blinds' strings are threaded through the edges of each of the slats. Alternately, an electronics vacuum cleaning tool can be used to remove dirt from smaller areas.

Revitalize Slats With A Clean Shine

Purchase a cleaner made especially for vinyl surfaces. To aid in keeping the white coloring as bright as possible, it is a good idea to find a cleaning agent with a bleach additive. This will not harm the vinyl if left upon the slats for a short amount of time. Spray the cleaning agent onto a piece of microfiber cloth and run the cloth along each slat individually to remove any caked on dirt or grime. This cleaning agent can be used to spot clean your blinds any time you notice discoloration upon them.

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