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How To Choose The Perfect Fence

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If you have started looking at fencing options for your home, you might have already realized how much variety there is in fencing setups. But certain fences work best in specific situations. Here are some reasons that you might get a fence, along with the best fencing setups for that function. 

Blocking Street View

If your goal is to block the view from the street, you will be looking at solid-construction fences, perhaps wood or vinyl. Consider having a graded fence that has different heights based on the need for privacy; it's a cool design feature, and it helps you save on material where you don't need it. The need for a high fence in your front or backyard will certainly mean you need a lot of materials. 

Securing a Pool

For securing a pool, you have a lot of options. The fence could be as short as 4–5 feet and still provide a good barrier to children who might go into the pool unsupervised. Choose a surface that would be hard to climb. Glass fences for pool protection are a good idea due to their slippery nature. 

Creating a Barrier

Sometimes, all you need to do with your fence is create a physical or visual barrier to set your property apart. That's true, for example, when you want to keep other people's pets off of your lawn or when you don't want guests to go too far off of your property. In that case, a shorter, see-through fence is great for providing the right barrier while also not blocking out your view. 

Keeping Animals In (or Out)

Similarly, with keeping animals in or out of your yard, the fence could use stakes or another dispersed material to create the barrier, without adding too much of a visual barrier. Or, if your main concern is keeping dogs in your yard, you may have an invisible electronic fence that doesn't obstruct your property view at all. 

When you approach a fencing contractor, they will consider these factors, along with a few others. They will use your budget to help you choose the appropriate fencing materials for your home. They can look at your home's exterior and help you make the right design choices to complement your home's style and color scheme. With the design input and technical expertise of a fencing contractor from a company like Harco Exteriors  LLC, you should be well on your way to adding value to your home with a fence.