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Troubleshooting Two Common Problems With Outdated Gas Fireplace Inserts

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Offering convenience and clean-burning heat, it is no wonder most homeowners would prefer to have a gas fireplace over a wood-burning model. However, with age and use, a gas fireplace insert can give you some problems just the same as any other heat source. While it is always recommended to replace a gas fireplace as soon as it starts to show signs of wear and tear, there are also some situations when a simple issue can simple be tended to or fixed. Take a look at some of the most common problems homeowners tend to have with gas fireplace inserts and the solutions you should know. 

Problem: The pilot light will not stay lit. 

Cause and Solution: In most cases, if the fireplace will not light up when you hit the switch, it is because the pilot light has gone out. Unfortunately, old fireplaces are pretty notorious for having issues with the pilot light not staying ignited as it should because there is buildup around the pilot light ignitor or fuel release. If this is a consistent problem in your home, take off the protective housing around the pilot light and make sure the fuel source is disconnected. Clean the pilot light well using a dampened cloth. If you are still having problems, the pilot light may have to be replaced. 

Problem: The fireplace is not kicking on and off as it should according to your temperature settings.

Cause and Solution: Gas fireplace inserts have a component known as the thermocouple, which reacts with the pilot light and temperature to cause the fire to ignite automatically or extinguish when necessary. The thermocouple is an elongated rod-shaped item and old ones have a tendency to work loose from their position, which will prevent the component from doing its job to regulate the flames according to the thermostat's input. Check to see that the thermocouple is sturdily in place and screwed in tightly to the base. In most cases, this will fix the issue. However, if it does not, your thermocouple will likely need to be replaced. 

Even though your old gas fireplace insert can get to be troublesome, most of the time, parts and components can be replaced or repaired to squeeze out a few more months or even years of use. If you would like to replace your ga fireplace insert, contact a sales and service center like Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center for more information.