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Three Reasons Why You Need More Than One Working Entry Door

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Have you ever wondered why homes and businesses have more than one entry door? Sure, businesses may have more than one entry because of where people park or the businesses they are visiting inside a building, but why do privately-owned homes? Most homes have at least a front entry door and a back entry door. Do you really need two working entry doors, and should you have entry door replacements when the doors do not work? There are actually some very valid reasons for two or more entry doors and why they all need to be functional.

Reason Number One: Fire Codes

Almost all homes built and all business buildings constructed are required to have at least two working entry doors for fire code reasons. In the event of a fire, you may have one blocked exit, and one exit you can reach. If the reachable exit has a non-functioning entry door, you could suffocate or be burned alive in the fire. Before people are allowed to occupy a new home or new commercial building, a fire safety inspector always has to make sure that there are at least two points of entry/exits and that the doors are both fully functional.

Reason Number Two: Lock One Door, Leave the Other Unlocked

As you are coming and going from your garage or your car and your house, you want to have one door unlocked and functional. Why? Because people frequently lock themselves out of their houses and a locksmith's services are not cheap. If you have two working doors and leave one unlocked, you will be sure to have your keys in hand and not forget them in the locked house when you leave. You can always go back inside through your second, unlocked door to retrieve the keys you forgot. This is also helpful if you have teenagers or roommates that frequently lose their keys.

Reason Number Three: An Escape Door When You Have an Intruder

Now, imagine that you have an intruder in your house. If the intruder knows that you only have one entry door or only one entry door that works, what do you think will happen if you try to escape? That is correct; the intruder will attempt to block your path to the one door that works and then you are stuck and you are in mortal danger. If you have more than one entry door on your home that is fully functional, you just doubled your odds of escaping to safety.

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