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Eliminate Weeds From Your Property's Flowerbed

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If several varieties of weeds often overtake the flowerbed in your front yard and you are growing tired of pulling them by hand, the following steps can be used to eliminate weeds altogether so that you are able to fully enjoy the beauty of the flowering plants that are growing inside of the enclosure.


  • non-toxic weed killer
  • garden gloves
  • weed puller
  • rake
  • soil test kit
  • fertilizer
  • handheld shovel
  • water hose
  • decorative mulch or small gravel pieces 
  • garden shovel

Kill And Pull Weeds From The Flowerbed

Spray weeds with a non-toxic weed killing product. Aim the sprayer's nozzle directly at each weed. The weeds will wilt within a few days. After this occurs, use a weed pulling tool to assist with loosening the soil around each weed. Put on a pair of garden gloves and grasp each weed with both hands as pull upwards. Dispose of the weeds and rake the soil that surrounds each plant in the flowerbed until it is spread out evenly.

Test Soil And Add Fertilizer If Necessary

Hire a landscaper to test the soil in the flowerbed or purchase a testing kit to assess the condition of the soil on your own. The soil may require additional nutrients, depending upon its pH level. Follow the advice provided by a landscaper or the instructions that were enclosed with the kit. You may need to add a specific type of fertilizer to the soil that contains the nutrients that are needed in order to make the soil conditions unfavorable for the growth of weeds, yet beneficial for the type of flowering plants that are growing in the flowerbed.

Use a garden shovel to add the proper amount of the type of fertilizer that has been recommended. Spread the fertilizer out with a rake in order to provide the soil with an even amount of nutrients.

Add Mulch Or Gravel Pieces

Water each flowering plant that is located inside of the flowerbed. Place a layer of decorative mulch or gravel pieces around each plant. Use a rake to spread the mulch or gravel pieces so that they are an even thickness. Either material will form a barrier that will further reduce the chance of weeds growing inside of the flowerbed in the future. Maintain the flowerbed's appearance by spreading out mulch or gravel pieces as needed and adding more fertilizer or either type of decorative material if it becomes necessary.

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