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Screen Porch Decorating Tips

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On a warm summer day or evening, there's no better place to enjoy an alfresco meal or a glass of iced tea than on your screen porch. To make the outdoor space feel warm and welcoming, you can use decor items, furniture and textiles to give it a personalized touch.

When it comes to enhancing your screened porch, you can either continue your indoor decor style in the outdoor space, or use nature as inspiration. For instance, if your living room has a nautical theme, you can decorate your porch with similar pieces and furniture items. If you prefer a more natural look, fill the porch with plants and flowers for rustic feel.

Be sure to include enough seating elements, such as love seats, chairs and bistro table sets, to accommodate all of your family members, as well as friends, if you entertain often. If you live in a hot climate, consider placing fans in the porch or installing on the ceiling overhead to keep the space cool.

Here are some additional tips for decorating your screened porch.

1. Furniture

The first step to personalizing your porch is buying furniture pieces that are as comfortable as they are attractive. Depending on your personal decor style, you can go with a charming, garden-inspired wicker love seat and chair set, a casual, eco-friendly couch made of reclaimed wood, or a luxe chaise lounge. 

For added comfort, place plush, decorative cushions on the chairs. Choose cushions that are designed for outdoor use to avoid mold and mildew growth, and go for colors and designs that coordinate with the space's overall decor theme.

For instance, if your porch has a tropical-inspired feel, pick cushions and pillows with whimsical pineapple, palm tree, flamingo, or colorful fish patterns. In a nautical-themed space, go with red, white, and blue cushions featuring anchor, seashell, or ship wheel motifs.

2. Textiles

An easy way to add softness to the porch and bring a bit of the indoors out is with an area rug. Place a large outdoor rug in the center of the space, and arrange the seating elements around it. A rug with an eye-catching design or vibrant color will become the focal point of the porch, and bring the overall look of the room together.

You can also drape blankets over the arms of the chairs for both aesthetics and for keeping warm on chilly nights. 

3. Lighting Elements

Choosing the right lighting elements for your screened porch is important because they will give the space a relaxed ambiance. To create a soft glow throughout the porch, hang LED-lit string lights, place wrought iron lanterns on tables, or hang them from overhead. 

For more information, contact a contractor about a screen porch.