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Garage Always Messy? 2 Tips To Get It Organized

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It can be easy for a garage to get messy, especially if you store a lot of things in the garage. Fortunately, you can get the garage organized by following the three tips below.  You can then enjoy spending time in your garage, as well as having a place to put everything.

Clean it Out

Before you do anything, you need to clean out the garage and get rid of anything that you do not need or use. Designate an area outside to sort the items. Put them into four piles, keep, sell, toss, or donate. If you have a lot of things lay tarps down for each pile. This way you can keep everything separated. Things you need to consider removing are toys your kids have outgrown, equipment you have not touched in some time, and more.

For the items you are keeping, purchase stackable bins and place them in the attic of the garage. Purchase clear bins so you can easily see what is inside.

Have a yard sale for things you want to sell and take the rest for donation. If you have a lot of items, you are throwing away consider renting a dumpster to make things easier.

Get Things Off the Floor

If you have small things, such as hand tools like hammers or drills, laying on the floor on a constant basis, you can hang them on the wall instead. In order to do this, purchase some pegboard and S hooks. You can find pegboard in a variety of sizes so you can cover an entire wall with this type of board.

Place the S hooks in the pegboard and then hang items from the hooks. This not only works for small hand tools, but you can install small baskets to hang on the pegboard to put things like screws or other smaller items.

Along with pegboard you can also install shelving for storing larger items. There is industrial type shelving available at home improvement stores that works well for heavy items. Along with the shelving, purchase some storage containers to put on the shelving be even more organized.

If you are having problems getting your garage organized, then hire a company like Cinti Closets LLC that can do custom garage storage for you. This will make things go much faster for you and you know the job will be done right. If you do not want to do this, some home improvement stores will have an area designated for storage options.